Hellbilly Motorcycles LLC started up in 2004 after a trip to the great Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We realized that custom motorcycle fabrication services were either geared toward the high price tag divas turning out their cookie cutter choppers, or bolt on manufacturers cranking out cheaply made accessories usually made in a foreign Country that does not pride itself on quality but on mass quantity. Neither felt right to us, actually pretty embarrassing to even contemplate putting it on a bike which would never happen unless you purchased the parts elsewhere and asked us to put it on.

Co-Founder Mike "Prez" Andersen started to build out a plan for a true custom shop in his Sandy, Oregon garage. By Sturgis 2006, Hellbilly Motorcycles was up and running. That year we built our "beast" chopper to show at the rally. The bike, to our surprise was turning many heads with our simplistic style on the pure raw motorcycle.

Now we are ramping up again building choppers, bobbers and baggers utilizing that same approach to create a one of a kind experience for our clientele. Tell us what you would like done to your bike or let us build one for you and I guarantee the riding experience will never be the same, each and every ride will be special.